An Easy, Effective Way to Build Your Skincare Routine

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When Should You Start a Skincare Routine?

With the pandemic, there has never been a better time to start a skincare routine. Working from home now, you and your colleagues on Zoom have been seeing your bare face more than ever. Or perhaps commuting with your breath trapped in a mask has your skin reacting in ways you’ve never expected (it’s called mascne). The pandemic has caused a measurable shift in cosmetic spending habits in favour of skincare. People are taking advantage of this time to develop good skincare habits, as well as turning to the therapeutic qualities of a dedicated skincare regimen to relax. So yes, now is the perfect time to learn what you can do to feel great in your skin.


Starting a skincare routine doesn’t have to take forever

Have you ever decided to research a product only to look up and realize that hours have passed and you should probably go to sleep? We’ve been there. Then there’s the testing phase: your order arrives with boxes full of the Ordinary, some Dr. Jart, and maybe a Sukin moisturizer. Some products become your holy grails while others do nothing for you. Rinse and repeat. But we do it, because our skin is constantly exposed to sun, pollutants, chemicals —  even indoor heating/cooling can dry it out. While our skin tries to protect us, so many external conditions threaten its ability to thrive.

So while it might take some time to research and test products, it’s worth doing, and there are definitely ways to speed up the process and make it easier.

1. Start with Effective Products and Ingredients

If you currently have a routine, what’s been working for you? You don’t have to get rid of your favourites. Instead, take a look at the key ingredients mentioned first on the ingredient list (these are the highest concentration ingredients) and keep them in mind. You’ll want to know this if you ever feel like changing or upgrading your products. It’ll also help you figure out what to avoid when adding something new to your routine (some ingredients don’t work well when applied at the same time, like Retinol and Vitamin C).

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If you don’t have a routine and the selection at Sephora is somewhat daunting, consider your skin type and desired results when searching for ingredients that will help you most. Is your skin dry? Oily? A bit of both (combination)? Sensitive? Normal? Do you want to resolve discolouration? Large pores? Redness? Blemishes? Wrinkles? Your DNA and age will determine your skin type to some extent, but you’ll want to revisit these questions if your environment changes and your skin starts to behave differently. 

No matter what, you should always look for products with a safe and effective amount of key ingredients. This way, you’re more likely to see results — which is far more encouraging than feeling like your new, heavily researched and extensive skincare routine isn’t doing anything for you.

Our Answer

We’ve been developing effective formulas with safe, highly concentrated ingredients since 2011. As a European skincare brand, we adhere to incredibly strict guidelines. For example: EU laws ban 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects. Our products are also made of biocompatible formulas, meaning that they don’t contain artificial additives, substances of animal origin, petroleum derivatives, detergents or parabens.

When you look at the average drugstore product, innovative-sounding ingredients are often highlighted on the packaging, but once you examine the ingredient list, you’ll see them far down the line. This means that unfortunately, they’ll have little to no effect on your skin. We design our formulas to be a perfect composition of innovative and active substances, ensuring we meet the needs of even the most demanding skin types. 

2. Start with a Skincare Set

Skincare sets are a great way for you to get used to following a routine. The components of a full skincare routine can be overwhelming to a beginner, and even a skincare enthusiast might feel a little confused when tackling a new skin issue. An expertly-curated skincare set helps take care of a bulk of your decision making. 

You can rest assured knowing that specialists have already ensured that the products will not only work well together, but likely also boost the overall effectiveness of all the products in the set.

Best of all, skincare sets can help you save money. Buying individual products will add up and you don’t have the guarantee that all of the products will automatically work well together especially if they’re from different brands. 

Our Answer

To mark our launch, Arkana Canada is releasing specialized skincare sets along with our main collection. Carefully hand-selected with specific skin concerns in mind, our Valentines-inspired skincare sets contain full-size products and will make great gifts for yourself or someone you love.

It’s easy to mix and match between Arkana lines (except the acid lines) depending on your skin’s needs. Many collections are specialized to treat a specific concern, but have similar ingredients that care for skin more generally. By starting with sets you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with a range of products more quickly. Soon enough, you’ll be able to organize your favourites into your very own perfected routine.

Why do our sets contain full-size rather than sample-size products? It takes time to get used to a new skincare regimen, and we’re confident you’ll want more than a sample. If you find that the products simply aren’t for you, feel free to take a look at our refund policy and get in touch.

Meet the Sets

From incredibly dry and sensitive to acne-prone to mature skin, we’ve identified and addressed a wide range of concerns. With 11 sets to choose from you’ll find your ideal match

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