S.O.S. Treatment For Your Irritated Skin

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Irritated skin can be a common concern for many, especially those with sensitive skin. You’ve probably wondered why our skin is prone to dryness, itchiness, or redness. These are common signs of our skin’s cry for help, letting us know that our skin’s protective barrier is being disrupted by our surrounding environments and conditions.



Unfortunately, irritated skin is not just a concern for people with sensitive skin, but an upsetting condition that may occur to any skin type. One significant cause would be the change of weather throughout the season. Whether you are out and about or staying at home most of the time, our skin is constantly being exposed to low and high temperatures, heating, and air conditioning, all of which tries to disrupt our skin barriers and in turn, accelerates our skin’s ageing process.


You might think that Summer is the safest season year-round, but one of the most common irritation causes is actually due to intensive sun exposure. Yes, we all want to be soaked up under the sun in the Summer holidays but unfortunately, research has found that people with dark hair and eyes tend to tan faster. Though fair skin does not get tan as quickly, their skin is more delicate to sunlight and gets sunburned more easily, leading to burning sensation and flaky skin.


Another factor might be intense cosmetic skin procedures such as chemical face peels, normally referring to acid peels, such as Glycolic Acid Peel, mesotherapy, face laser treatments and IPL, where they cause short-term skin irritations, causing the skin to feel a burning sensation, itchiness, or dryness due to skin dehydration.

With all that being said. So what are the ways to fix what has already been done so we could relieve our sore, irritated skin that desperately needs help?


Aside from taking a cold shower or submerging your skin with pure aloe, which is a commonly known plant extract to bring a brief soothing effect, Arkana’s Post Treat collection would make an excellent choice for rapid skin repair.

The Post Treat collection utilizes active ingredients including aloe gel, Vitamin C (Superox C), Shea butter, oat protein hydrolyzate, plant extracts (from algae, milk, thistle. Holy basil), allantoin and herbs (Asian water pennywort, chamomile, licorice, Chinese tea, Japanese knotweed, rosemary, Baikal skullcap). Which are effective ingredients that will soothe irritated skin and bring immediate comfort.
Post Treat Therapy: Post Treat Ointment, Post Treat Mask, Post Treat Gel
Arkana’s specialist Post Treat Ointment, a winner of Instyle Best Beauty Buys 2015, is formulated based on shea butter, sunflower oil, canola oil and avocado oil to spot treat skin that is irritated, cracked, to accelerate skin regeneration after treatments, and protects dry and chapped lips.

Post Treat Gel is a must-have in any summertime beauty bag, a guarantee that can make your skin feel smoother. It is a soothing gel combining aloe and herbal extracts to accelerate the regeneration of sunburnt skin, also effectively treating insect bites.

Our Post Treat Mask is a creamy mask with ingredients that soothe irritation and accelerate skin regeneration – aloe gel, algae extract, milk thistle, saint basil and allantoin. Enriched with oat protein hydrolyzate and natural oils and peptides, and Kakadu plum extract (rich in vitamin C). The product perfectly calms the skin after exfoliating treatments, moisturizes the skin and rebuilds the hydro-lipid barrier.
For hypersensitive skin, this collection is highly recommended as an Arkana starter, and can be used year round, whenever your skin feels the need of emergency care.

Remember to protect your skin against the sun at all times by using SPF products!

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