Smile Lines Expose Your Age!

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Ageing doesn’t begin at the age of forty, you should begin to pay special attention to them when you start seeing nasolabial folds

Is not a rare case that nasolabial folds start to appear in the 20s, but it is exactly the best time to stop them from deepening.  

women with fine lines and wrinkles

It is definitely upsetting to see sagging skin, drooping eyelids and wrinkles on the face because it makes us look at least ten years older...But here’s how Arkana can help with simple daily routines.



BO2Look Before and after

Our most recommended at-home treatment from Arkana specialists would be the botox-like BO2Look Elixir with V Shape Mask. This perfect dual fights effectively against mimic wrinkles on the forehead while lifting up the face shape and chin, and is also used to prolong the results of botox injections! Application is also easy, apply the BO2Look Elixir onto the forehead wrinkle area, put on the V Shape Mask, and just relax for 20 minutes to complete the treatment! 



pro age before and after

This collection is about contouring our facial shape and lines! 

The Biomimetic Lift Up Cream is your go-to skin care routine if you have concerns of nasolabial folds (smile line) and sagging skin. To enhance the lift up effect, using the V Zone Reconstructor at night would greatly improve your facial contour shape! For drooping eyelids, include the Biomimetic Eye Cream as a daily treatment!



PRP Therapy Before and after

You may or may not have heard of Platelet Rich Plasma Injection (PRP), which is an unique anti-ageing treatment that utilizes nutrients from the patient's own blood to increase skin volume and rejuvenate the skin. This therapy is well known as a noticeable yet natural-looking enhancement treatment to fight ageing skin.

Arkana’s PRP collection line has successfully replicated the PRP effects and has transformed it into a home care application collection. Different from the Peptide Pro Age and Neuro GABA collection, the PRP Rejuvenator, PRP Elixir and PRP Mask is a routine that encourages long-term use for the best natural looking anti ageing effects, and to rejuvenate our skin cells from inside out. 


You are what you eat! Having a healthy diet is also crucial to extending youth!
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