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SUNBEAM Set | Your brightest summer yet

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The summer sun is no match for your new skincare routine. Even-out and brighten your skin tone with concentrated formulas containing Tranexamic acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and β-White™, a biomimetic peptide that reduces skin pigmentation and produces a lightening effect after only 4 weeks. Fade and prevent discolouration, neutralize free radicals, combat photoaging. Stay dazzling.

Summer Glow
Arkana Canada


What's Included

UniTone Forte-C Elixir

Serum containing high concentration of vitamin C to even out and brighten skin tone. Has strong antioxidant properties to combat photoaging.

20 ml

Eye Illuminator

A velvety formula that works for you when you've been working hard. Helps eliminates dark under-eye circles, appearances of fine lines, swelling to achieve a more luminous look.

15 ml

UniTone Neuro Cream

Day and Night Face Cream intended to fight future and existing skin discolouration as a result of post-inflammation, hormonal, post-sun, and vascular related origins.

50 ml

Snow Fungus Mask

A highly nutrient concentrated mask containing Snow Fungus (mushroom). Exhibiting amazing moisturizing properties and brightening agents

3 pc

Oxygen Infusion Mask (FREE)

Oxygenating and moisturizing mask that reduces signs of fatigue and stress. Purifies discoloured skin, and revitalizes dull skin.

200 ml



Sunbeam Set Skincare Instruction Manual: For skin with discolorations and spots

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